How to build a circular business model that pays off

Posted on 24 Oct 2022 by The Manufacturer
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Manufacturers are working hard to upskill and strategise, taking advantage of the circular economy's golden opportunity for return on investment. Manufacturing business and tech leaders are paying greater attention to the benefits of the circular economy - according to the 'State of the Circular Economy' report created in partnership with Sage and CIO, 84% say that they have a role in their company's circular economy and sustainability strategy, and 32% say it's central to their job.

32% of manufacturers and distributors have experienced significant benefits from the circular economy. They picked out: Improved brand image and reputation (50%) Energy efficiency (47%) Increased productivity, efficiency, and resiliency (46%) Improved long-term profitability (45%) Improved competitiveness (44%) The circular economy could attract new customers Digitising manufacturing processes to support the circular economy could make…

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